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Sweat Styles

On Point



AYO Berlin - the label

AYO Berlin was created as an expression of the newly found cosiness that 2020 has given us in a certain way. The brand stands for cosy kidswear made from carefully selected fabrics and ingredients, in impeccable quality and simply beautiful colours, produced in Berlin. AYO Berlin creates a look that is less childish and at the same time the most child-friendly. It also outlasts 1 to 2 growths spurts and is therefore the favourite piece that even babies can wear for weeks and months.
About us

Sweatbody "Ava"


Sabberlatz "Lou"


Sweatpants "Ben"


Sweatshirt "Carl"

AYOchella Collection

Sweatpants "Coco"

AYOchella Collection

Turban "Joseph"


Beanie "Maja"


Values - a statement

The AYO Berlin brand stands for passion - the passion for style, fashion and functionality. The aspect of sustainability is - and let's be honest - thanks to the zeitgeist. Without the great attention that this topic is currently attracting, we might not have proceeded quite as pedantically - both in the selection of fabrics and ingredients as well as in the choice of our partners and producers.

We have invested a lot of time in fit and look, without losing sight of the fact that the aspect of ecological and fair trade (as well as fair action) must be indispensable for us as a label.

We only find fabrics that, in our opinion, meet the New Normal. The sweatstyles are made from 100% organic cotton that bears the GOTS seal. The stretch jersey used to make the turban and beanie also bears this seal and is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.

Our partners are small local companies that place great value on sustainability and live by it. We are constantly learning and working with great passion on new products and collections.

Time for presents!

In love but no baby at hand? Take a look around and give a cuddle set to someone close to you. Our vouchers are available starting at 30€. It is up to you if you want to choose something small and cute or the whole set available.


Bellyache-babies darling

Especially during colic and later, the sweaterbodies are great to wear, as they don't squeeze uncomfortably anywhere and give the baby bump complete freedom.

Daya Paterek

What you see is what you get ...

that might sound strange, but it's special - the pieces are just as cozy and beautiful as the pictures show. The quality is outstanding and even more special - the bodies and pants can also be put on over cloth diapers!

Pia Schmitt

Simply loving it!

The bodys, the sweatpants - and the drool is a great plus. Bravo!

Linda Tol

Cool kids

There is seldom such casual, cool children's clothing. And then also produced fairly / locally in Berlin! I am a huge fan.

Lisa Banholzer

No baby at hand

so we gave away and the sweatbody was very well received! Exceptional piece, great quality and a look to smooch!

Tosin Koepke

Cool, certified and locally produced

Teo loves his outfit - cuddly, comfortable and he can indulge his urge to move. Clothing must look good and be ecologically valuable. AYO Berlin also produces locally - the ideal feel-good package.

Jan Fiebig


Great body! the material is fantastic and it doesn't lose its cosiness even after being washed several times. The fact that it is a sweatshirt-body convinced me and the trousers also have this nice cut. It's not too wide, but casual and for this combination, I am more than willing to spend the money.


Turban & Co

We have the turban, sweater body and pants. I love everything because they look great both together and individually.

My mouse usually pulls hats off my head, but because this ribbon has it, it stays on top. I've never seen the body before and it's my personal favorite ♥ ️

Sarah Pappas

View in the future

The best gift for parents with babies or toddlers who are concerned and dare to take a look behind the scenes so that they don't just shop wildly - beautiful, cool, timeless and super cozy, babies always look very happy in AYO Berlin!

Nicola Hillmeister
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