Size information

AYO Berlin clothing is oversized, no matter what size it is worn, as the cut is always wide and comfortable. Slow fashion also means that favorite items can be worn longer.

Our favorite parts meet this expectation and even beyond one or the other growth spurt. 

For better orientation, we have compared our size information with conventional clothing sizes in a table and have not disregarded body size. 


Age 3m - 6m
6m - 12m
12m - 18m
Confection 50 - 68 62 - 80
80 - 92
height 48cm - 64cm 60cm - 80cm
78cm - 96cm
Sweater body
Neck / crotch 34.5cm 40.5cm
Step height ** 18cm / 28cm 19cm / 29cm
20cm / 30cm
Leg length*** 33cm 38cm 43cm
Beanie / turban
Head circumference 34cm-42cm 40cm-48cm
Age 2Y - 3Y 4Y - 5Y 6Y - 7Y
Confection 92 - 104 104 - 116 116 - 128
Neck / belly * 40cm 45cm 50cm
Step height ** 22cm / 28cm 24cm / 30cm 26cm / 32cm
Leg length *** 62cm 68cm 74cm  


We have tried very hard to reproduce everything as accurately as possible, but we must point out that the values given here are estimates.         

Every baby and toddler also has its own dimensions and the development of the small bodies is very different - which is great and exciting. We love chubby bundles of joy and delicate flyweights as well as giants and dwarfs. All the small differences are decisive for the fit in length and the leg cut or the head circumference. We hope to have found the best average and remain open to any feedback.

Please write to us if you are unsure about the sizes. Body size and age are actually enough for us to make a recommendation.

* For the sweatshirts we have included the neckline and the waistband in the measurement

** We measured the step height of the sweatpants at the front and back, including the cuffs and the crotch insert / gusset.

** For the sweatpants, we measured the outside leg length including both cuffs.

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