About Us

The year 2020 for all of us was a very special one, peppered with the unknown, the unforeseen and the indescribable. Whereby peppered is probably a great understatement…

At the beginning of this year, before all the crazy things started, the founder, Shola Olufodun, became a mom for the 2nd time. The standstill didn't hit her as hard as everyone else around her. The quiet on the streets was nice. Being at home together and having time for each other even better.

She was also no longer alone in her jogger on the street, with a messy bun quickly knotted on her head. Everyone found themselves in a newly found cosiness, it seemed - at least in terms of clothing. So it made sense to dress the children even more comfortably than before. Even more relaxed, even more practical, with an even more feel-good factor and yet without looking sloppy. To romp around and cuddle at home, but also to go outside and breathe fresh air.

AYO Berlin was born in this newly found cosiness. Cosy kids wear made from carefully selected fabrics and ingredients, in impeccable quality and simple, beautiful colour schemes, produced in Berlin.

The brand creates a look that is less childish and at the same time child-friendly to the core. Which also outlasts 1 to 2 growths spurts and is therefore the favourite piece that even babies can wear for weeks and months.

The Zeitgeist is a contemporary witness and we are happy to be a small part of the changed consciousness, which is also able to hold on to the memory of old, true values. So maybe we will go step by step into a perhaps more considerate future. Completely imperfect, curious and open-minded.

In this sense: slowfashion & ♯sustainability. 
supportyourlocals & whomademyclothes. 
mompreneur & blackownedbusiness.




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