Care advice

We keep on learning every day and try to always improve and keep ourselves informed.

Perhaps there are some standard "40° coloured laundry washers" amongst you who neither sort colours nor bother to wash inside out ... not to mention ironing.

Well known, but here again to freshen up some care and washing tips of natural fibers

  • Ventilation helps - especially for the tiny ones who hardly dirty themselves anyway. This saves you one or two wash cycles.
  • Cold wash or 30° in the eco wash cycle is sufficient for conventional soiling such as milk and drool.
  • Do not spin at the highest level, to be more gentle on the fibers.
  • Hand wash single parts or small quantities.
  • Pre-treat stubborn stains with gall or curd soap.
  • Lemon juice and sunshine are natural bleaching agents.
  • Conventional vinegar works like fabric softener.
  • Steaming helps remove odors and keep colours fresh. Bacteria are killed and the fibers are literally fluffed up.

If you have any tips, suggestions or corrections, please contact us by email or PM. We are grateful for any additional information.

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