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Sweatpants "Coco" AYOchella yellow

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The COCO sweatpants are well prepared for every growth spurt and thus fit perfectly into the AYO Berlin family. Not too far, so that the little daredevils neither get stuck constantly on the saddle nor pretend a proudly discarded diaper bottom; not too tight, so as not to fail due to initial achievements in terms of independent dressing and undressing.  

In combination with the CARL sweatshirt, the trousers are the best playmate and especially casual with your hands in your pockets ... the cutest look of the cool kids!

For a better assessment and to avoid returns, we have a descriptive one Size Chart compiled.

100% organic cotton, GOTS certified

Please always wash the batik collection separately.

The delivery time is between 2 - 7 days, depending on availability.

Since this is the capsule collection for summer 2021, the products can be pre-ordered by email, message or by phone.

Please note that the batik collection is a handcrafted one-off piece. Accordingly, each piece is unique and even if the same technology is always used, the products differ in pattern and color gradient. The color used is from Deka.

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